23 March, 2014

Succulent beauty - my gardening day


gardening day

gardening day

Today was an amazing Sunday - I gave myself another shot in gardening. I have to admit that it's not what I do best)) I love flowers and plants but when I try to grow anything, it always...actually dies..
This time I've put all my love in these amazing succulent beauty, I'm constantly sending them my positive vibrations so they could live long and bring joy into my home.
I'll do my best while taking care of them and you, please, put your fingers crossed :)

22 March, 2014

Deep Double Exposure Photography - what do you see inside of me?

Standing on the top of the world - Gudauri, Georgia 2014
{Insideout 10} Top of the World

Standing on the top of the world above the clouds, feeling frozen but happy, above all the worries, all the thoughts, feeling closer to a Universe.

Caucasian mountains in Georgia - Gudauri

Caucasian mountains in Georgia - Gudauri
Gudauri 2014, Georgia

09 March, 2014

Night light - mystery

Mysterious and beautiful, night light.

08 March, 2014

Exquisite flower. You.

Tender soft look, vintage photography of a girl holding a flower

Tender soft look, vintage photography of a girl holding a flower

Tender soft look, vintage photography of a girl holding a flower

Delicate, gentle, soft - YOU <3

07 March, 2014

Happy Women Day! - Get your 8 March free card (8 марта)

Happy women day! Congrats card, с 8 марта!

Get ready to a Women Day, ladies! Congratulate your mother, sisters and daughters with this e-card, print it and hand as a card or use it like a desktop wallpaper.
Click on the image for a full size desktop image to inspire your day (click & save as..)


06 March, 2014

From Grain to Pixels - sweet memories

You have to see this :))
was surfing through old pictures on my computer and found this - me developing film photographs late at night two years ago. A good friend of mine brought equipments and reagents to my house and taught me how to use it. This is when I've experienced magic for the first time! When you see how the image is developing from a white paper under the red light of lamp - this is something amazing, something that I really miss when shooting on digital camera and processing images.

04 March, 2014

How to create DOUBLE EXPOSURE in Photoshop TUTORIAL - 1 kilo of seeds, frozen fingers, 19 photos and 10 minutes of Photoshop:)

how to create double exposure effect in Photoshop

This is how I spent my day off - 2 hours on the balcony when -5 outside, 1 kilo of seeds and frozen fingers.

Concept and shooting part
When I made this photograph of a girl I knew that there should be birds flying out of her chest, something that would symbolize freedom, hope, belief. It's actually the hardest part for me - to pick the right photograph with a right style, mood and sense for the double exposuring.
Well, this time I didn't have one prepared so needed to make a photograph which would fit perfectly. What I've done was putting on my winter coat, taking a looot of seeds - food to attract birds (as far as I live on the 11 th floor and needed bird with the sky on the background). I was feeding them and waiting till at least one of those greedy and lazy birds will fly up to the sky so I could photograph it :) it took me 2 hours, 25 pictures of birds which I had to put together so they would look like a crowd flying in the sky.

Processing part
I usually make exposure, white balance, hues and saturation corrections in Lightroom, and all the layering & blending work in Photoshop.
First of all I blended 17 best images I got with the birds together, plus image with a little bit of clouds to make it look more volumetric and cover a little bit of chest part of the girl.

It's totally ok if the background is dark and doesn't look good, after you blend the layers it becomes lighter and less detailed. To blend the layers I used Screen, Multiple & Soft light modes in Photoshop. As a result:

Yes, it still looks a little ugly, the background has this dirty grey color with smudges and blurs. But when you blend it with the main picture - it will change, you'll see. Let's take a look and talk about the main picture now.

I have already worked on it: erased the background and made it solid pink/grey color, dodged the highlights on the hair, face, arms so it would look contrasty after the blending, burned some shadows on the face and body as well to make clouds appear more bright. After I've prepared the main picture I put the picture with the birds above and blend them using Screen mode - which lightens the background and dodged parts and releases birds and clouds where the shadows are dark on the main picture!
Here's the result again:
how to create double exposure effect in Photoshop

So, basically what you do if you already have photographs prepared ( I mean main picture with plain background color and second "background" picture):
1 - place your main picture under the "background" picture;
2 - change the blending mode of the "background" picture from Normal to Screen.

Easy? :) if not - let me know and I'll try to make more detailed explanation.
Thank you!

02 March, 2014

More experiments with Double Exposure

Double exposure photography, how to use double or multiple exposure in photography, naked nature girl, sunset inside of me, nina sinitskaya photography, grainpixels
{Insideout 6} Naked Nature

Now I can see for sure that my double exposuring style has changed after some practice. Now the photographs look more transparent, have more air, more lights and shadows, more pastel hues. I'm not saying it's better than previous but for some reason I like it more.
This time I'm also sharing only photographs, but I promise that next time will post a small tutorial on how I use double exposure so you could experiment a little bit with it ;)so wait for some photography tips!
Double and multiple exposure in photography, Insideout Project, Wanderlust, double exposure girl with mountains inside
{Insideout 7} Wanderlust

Double and multiple exposure in photography, industrialized body, polluted soul, double exposure girl, Insideout project, Nina Sinitskaya
{Insideout 8} Polluted soul

Double and multiple exposure in photography, birds flying, freedom in me, Nina Sinitskaya, double exposure girl, doves flying
{Insideout 9} Like the birds in my chest