02 March, 2014

More experiments with Double Exposure

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{Insideout 6} Naked Nature

Now I can see for sure that my double exposuring style has changed after some practice. Now the photographs look more transparent, have more air, more lights and shadows, more pastel hues. I'm not saying it's better than previous but for some reason I like it more.
This time I'm also sharing only photographs, but I promise that next time will post a small tutorial on how I use double exposure so you could experiment a little bit with it ;)so wait for some photography tips!
Double and multiple exposure in photography, Insideout Project, Wanderlust, double exposure girl with mountains inside
{Insideout 7} Wanderlust

Double and multiple exposure in photography, industrialized body, polluted soul, double exposure girl, Insideout project, Nina Sinitskaya
{Insideout 8} Polluted soul

Double and multiple exposure in photography, birds flying, freedom in me, Nina Sinitskaya, double exposure girl, doves flying
{Insideout 9} Like the birds in my chest