05 April, 2014

DIY cups for succulent or other plants - my small window garden is getting bigger!

DIY pot and cups for succulent plants
DIY pot and cups for succulent plants
  As far as my little succulent friends are still alive (why it could be opposite - read here :)) I've decided to make them look even more cool on my window.
  First of all - I took the simple and the cheapest plastic cup, PVA glue and pretty thick garden twine. All you have to do is spread the glue over the cup and roll the twine over it. Wait 15 min till its dry and this is it! 
  Next - I've put some decorative drainage into the glasses, pots with the flowers are standing right on this drainage. What you have to remember - is to make few little holes in the bottom of the plastic glass so it wouldn't moisture and condensate.
  Also I've taken an old wooden wine box, cleaned it and painted with white acrylic paint - now it serves as a great decoration to my window!
DIY pots and cups for succulent plants, diy lesson of home decor

DIY pots and cups for succulent plants, diy lesson of home decor

  Another small decorative tip - you can take small stones, decorative one in any color and different sizes and put it over the soil. It serves 2 goals: first of all it's beautiful and the second - the stones will prevent soil from drying and being covered with a dry crust.
  You must have noticed that I got one more small succulent plant - little aloe. It was sold with one leaf damaged but I think I'll cure it soon..if it won't make surprise to me and die (to understand this creepy joke read again this post). 
The third spot in the wine box is waiting for new succulent plant in my house!

P.S. All the materials for such DIY lesson you can buy in construction materials store, planting store or store with home decor stuff.
Hope it was useful and you enjoyed!