01 April, 2014

Giveaway - Love is in the air Pillow!

Well, last month I had a wholesale order for the pillows with my design. And I've got the last one pillow which I've left for myself.
Few days ago I decided to give it away to someone who will like it as much as I do, simply share the small piece of my modest art with the World.
So please take part in this #giveaway if you like the pillow and want to spread some Love :) Follow the link to the Grain Pixels facebook group where the giveaway takes place!

I'd like to tell the story that's standing behind one of my pillows.
You see, I have a friend, she is an artist. Asya has always been very supportive and very devoted friend when talking about my art. She is one of the people who inspires you when you feel exhausted, who shares creative ideas and good mood when you need it and loves to make small gifts. Once I had a thought that it would be cool to make her a small gift back so I simply presented her one of my pillows. The same day she had a hard time to get home from #Maidan (if you know about the last events in #Ukraine), caught the car which was going her way. That girl who was driving really helped Asya out so as a gift of gratefulness she presented my pillow to the girl. She told her that someone really special presented this pillow to her and now she presents this pillow to that girl so it would bring happiness to her home.
This is how people share love and warmth, this is what I want to participate in.

May be you are the next one?

P.S. The photograph of birds on wire was taken in November'13 in Goa, India - the most peaceful place I've ever been yet. So may it brink peace in your home too.

For more pillows with my design and photography you may follow the link.