26 September, 2014

Valencia + Madrid = {my September Spanish adventures}

To begin with: few weeks ago I quit my full-time job and exactly the week before that I was suggested by Asya to go stay in Valencia for some time, so I thought why wouldn't I make myself a "happy quitting" present :). I'm not gonna bore you with details of the trip but definitely will share some adventures that happened to us and my own impression of the country I saw.

What you should know is that we've spent in Spain almost 2 weeks and visited only 2 cities: Valencia and Madrid (for 2 days only). I know many of you will say that I should have gone to Barcelona and etc., I know, but not this time. I am totally not fan of changing cities every day. I like to spend much time in one place, get in touch with local people, culture, eat local food, try to speak local language (ooooh, in Spain this is really the most useful skill :)). This is how I get to know the country, from the inside, with the deeper look then just running through the cities, you know. Well, it's just me, anyway.

04 September, 2014

Female Innocent Devil Portrait - or how to screw it all up but eventually get the pictures ;)

Nina Sinitskaya via Grain Pixels photography
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