26 September, 2014

Valencia + Madrid = {my September Spanish adventures}

To begin with: few weeks ago I quit my full-time job and exactly the week before that I was suggested by Asya to go stay in Valencia for some time, so I thought why wouldn't I make myself a "happy quitting" present :). I'm not gonna bore you with details of the trip but definitely will share some adventures that happened to us and my own impression of the country I saw.

What you should know is that we've spent in Spain almost 2 weeks and visited only 2 cities: Valencia and Madrid (for 2 days only). I know many of you will say that I should have gone to Barcelona and etc., I know, but not this time. I am totally not fan of changing cities every day. I like to spend much time in one place, get in touch with local people, culture, eat local food, try to speak local language (ooooh, in Spain this is really the most useful skill :)). This is how I get to know the country, from the inside, with the deeper look then just running through the cities, you know. Well, it's just me, anyway.

To tell you the truth - I've made tones of travel pictures. I'm gonna share just the small part which I've divided in few blocks with my comments and short stories. I hope you'll enjoy ;)

So, the first one is  "Textures and Colors" :

Ok, few words. In Valencia we lived in an old fishermen block called Cabanyal City, very close to the beach. All the buildings there are old and low, extremely colorful and textured (it's like I'm back to India), i really felt so cozy. In 40-50 meters in front of our flat there was a church which was ringing its bell every 15 minutes, very loud, but you know - in few days you simply stop noticing, it's like the part of air temperature or smell for you. The funny thing, I don't even have a picture of that church somehow.
I've got pictured so called (by Asya and me) "Penis way" from beach to our home:

I'm not gonna say a word more, just enjoy the colors;)

The next block I'm gonna call  "My biggest passion" . And no, that's not about photography, men or..i don't know..clothes. That's about fooooood! I didn't make many food photos, mainly because I was busy with eating or drinking all the time. Or Asya was feeding me (which is so much appreciated by me).

The next block I wanna show you is called  "People" . I know, it's already too many pictures and probably I'm the only one who scrolled down till these lines. Well, than you've missed the most important about Spain.

I have to admit, I'm a little bit in love with Spanish people, in how relaxed and confident they are, how friendly and open-hearted. I'd like to say a special thank you to: 

- noname girl and a guys who were really concerned if our bus to Madrid will be with a toilet in it;
- our 3 angels - Ismael, Gabriel and Rafael (hope you hear our prayers ;)),
- all girls in the toilet lines that we met in the bars and clubs, usually each of them has a best friend from Ukraine (which was awkward and then became just common thing);
- all girls from the lisbo night club - Asya was really thinking you were teaching her a kinda Spanish dance;
- the bus driver for a free ride;
- funny old ladies near our entrance every night - they were talking to us on Spanish every time and we were just smiling - perfect dialogue each time;
- so called (by me) Till Lindemann in the pink swimwear - because he looked like Till and had a reeeally amazingly bright and funny swimwear. as for a guy;
- noname misterious helper in Valencia;
- each and everyone who didn't speak English with us and many many more.
Sorry for being sarcastic:)

And of course - our small team (you might have seen it on Instagram already if follow me there - @grainpixels):

Max. The lonely traveler :)

Don't ask me WTF. Yes, her boobs are huge, she's singing. In the plate for paelya. 

You thought it was the last part? Noooo, come oon)) One more, the last one, I promise. But really impressive, as for me. I'm a huge fan of lines and symmetry (pay attention, I didn't say I can do that, I'm just a fan ;)). So, when I saw this "Lines and Symmetry" I was like in Nirvana. Enjoy 

And few more. I just can't hold it:) sorry!

Believe me, I have more. But I'm not gonna do it to you, go get some rest from me:)

Meanwhile I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Natalya Yefimovna - the woman who kindly hosted us all the time in Valencia (i'm not linking to her Facebook, not sure if she's ok with that). She is amazing, smart and fun!

Also Thank you to Asya, you know, for inviting me with her ;)

That's it, I guess. Liked it?