03 October, 2014

One day with the Drama Queen - a short story of an actress

Yes, when i'm saying that she is a Drama Queen - that's not a joke. Why?

By the way, usually I don't put here all the photo sessions I make, just few. But this time I really want to share this one. This is not something great or super special, we didn't plan this session at all but the result really shows the autumn mood we have here in Kiev and it shows true IRA.

Ira is a young actress, beautiful and wild. Whatever she does - smiles or cries - it always appears to look a little dramatic, a small tragedy in the way she looks, a glow and acuteness in her voice. She is like a bomb ready to explode at any moment. That's why I call her a Drama Queen.

See what I mean? :) And the funny thing - you know this bomb is going to explode sooner or later and you know it's dangerous to stay near but at the same time you want to see what happens next.

Well, I guess I told you the story. Contrasty, with a little bit of drama and totally autumn ;)