19 November, 2014

From Surreal to Real - from Idea to Image

Если в мире всё бессмысленно, — сказала Алиса, — что мешает выдумать какой-нибудь смысл?

"If everything in the World is meaningless, - said Alice, - what prevents you to invent some sense?"

Every time when I have an idea of shooting I try to picture it in my head. Usually the picture is not full or corrupted, so I spend some time to visualize the full picture in general along with all details like location, dress and hair color, hands posing, eyes, lights of course. This part of creating the image is the most important for me, because THIS is when I can let my imagination go wild, ignore the gravity or common sense - one of my favorite parts.

So, everything is thought through, where I make it, how I'm gonna make it. But then - you meet the model..
For me - this is the point when something special begins. From now on this is not just about me, my idea and how I will embody it. Now it's about the interaction between me and the model. 
But I've got to say that this time things were different.
Masha - is a young talented actress based in Kiev. I met her on-line and had no idea how alive she is when posing. Without interruptions from my side she creates her own character in front of my camera which makes my idea I came with in the first place transform, come from surreal to real. Masha brought to life the static visual picture and transformed it into some kind of reality she feels herself in.

So, as a result of our collaboration here comes the story about ginger girl, green moss, beautiful woods and the wonderland where gravity and sizes are inessential. This is what I see. What about you?

Thanks for good work to:

- Maria Trepikova - model;
- Boria - models bf;
- Sonia - assistant.

And! A small sneak pick to the backstage ;)