02 December, 2014

Black & white photo project - Female friendship with benefits

Amazing Lora and Vika in black and white photography project. I guess it's about female friendship, with benefits ;)

Well, I think women are beautiful and, at the same time, strange creatures. Millions of books are written and movies shot on this subject. So, let's not discuss it right now :)

What I wanted to try/check/discover/show with this project is that Woman - is a unique, holistic cosmic being, kind of a core that conceals tons of love and passion, the source of unquenchable warmth and tenderness, ready to share with the World. It's a pure energy searching for an object to be shared with.

So, here is a small experiment we took.
These two amazing girls have met only once before the shooting took place. I briefly explained them the result I expected to get and some organizational details. Their second meeting is right here, under this text, on your screens ;)

The way these two women who actually don't know each other got in contact ans how fast it happened was amazing. I can't tell it was smooth though :)

It was exciting (in all ways) to watch how two so similar and at the same time so different energies got connected. Through the touch, through the glance, through the smell and the sound of breath.

Words were not necessary. For a short time they just discovered one another and themselves.

And at some point these two creatures became bonded, pleasantly linked on some level. I guess it is something more than sexual attraction between a man and a woman, it is more than sexual attraction between two people on physical level. It is a relationships of two unique, holistic female energies which can not be compared to anything else.

I choose not to make any conclusions out of this experiment. All I want is you to feel what happened in front of my camera, I want you to desire to try, explore and not be afraid of your own nature.

Surely, once again I'm introducing you our heroic crew:

Models - Lora Yaremenco (on the right) and Vicky Gabal (on the left)

MUA - my dearest Maritsa Gafitsa

Few backstage pics:

Thank you, babes! It was fun. And exciting. And self-discovering for me.