14 February, 2015

Lazy traveler or how Arambol makes you relax

Last year I was sure that I won't come back to Goa. Don't get me wrong, everything was amazing: weather, people, dogs and sunsets. It's just..the feeling that Goa relaxes me so bad that takes all my will away :) Read more under the cut -->

So, this year everything repeated. Except how we were getting on the plane to India! Ok, I'll tell you everything in a row and shortly.

1. Because of the huge inflation in Ukraine the travel agency we "bought" the plane tickets from announced bankruptcy the night before our flight. Well, we've lost our money, tickets and the mood and decided to go snowboarding to Carpathians in a few days. Few hours before our train to the mountains the friend of us called and said that we still have the plane ticket back and can buy another ticket to Goa but we have to do it now!! That was a hard but really fast decision))) and so we went to Arambol.

2. Early in the morning we've arrived to Arambol beach and BAAAM!!! I'm lazy and gutless again. I think I should call it "Goa syndrome" when all you can do - is seat on the beach, watch sunset, smell the spicy air, drink watermelon juice,  think of something good and relax. Nothing more. I mean it.

Few more words before I show the pics. I wasn't into "taking pictures" mood, I'm not excusing myself, that's just how it was. This trip was really hard and useful for me in some meanings. Lots of personal events happened and with the help of my friends I found myself again.

I didn't bring any inspiration from Goa back home but I brought something more important: warmth of the sun, hope and belief that life is not meaningless and everything will be ok :)

Well, alright, just watch the pictures now. No logical sequence, just in case ;)
Only color and love vibrations <3

Drum session

Drum session

So, how do they say...Goa sun will shine forever! ;)

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