18 February, 2015

To the Ashes - the matter of life and death

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my own place, about the importance of events in my life and about the importance of my life in general. This thought lead me (to say "inspired" would be...incorrect) to the idea of this photo shoot. More under the cut.

The location we took pictures at is very special to me. It's a Kyiv city crematorium - the place where lifeless bodies get burnt to ashes. I've always wanted to see it, the building is unique by its shape and forms, looks like an alien spaceship to me. This location is one of the most beautiful and the most sad places in the city. But not to me. To tell the truth - I don't feel sadness when being there and thinking about the purpose of this place. As to me it feel so right to become ashes when my life ends, be scattered over the soil and become a part of new life. 
Watching young and beautiful model Inna there made me feel calm and confident that life is cyclic and recurrent, that death is just the transformation into life. Getting old is ok, death is not only inevitable but also natural. I'm calm and confident. And I believe in life.

Some backstage shots. I have to say it was really cold and want to thank to brave and coldproof model Inna and make uup artist Kate (who was warmth keeper during the shooting as well). Thank you girls for being professionals.


"To the Ashes"
Ph / retouch: Nina Sinitskaya
Md: Inna Karpenko (EGO MODELS management)
Location: Kiev Crematorium