30 March, 2015

TRIBAL - how we've implemented boho style

Grain Pixels Photography
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18 March, 2015

absorbing a sea of light, to give birth to a spark

See of Goa, India
absorbing a sea of light, to give birth to a spark. spring finally, so many ideas and inspiration, I feel so excited. time and efforts are not enough for everything. I began learning, time to improve my skills. Ooh, how I love this period, when the idea in my head has not fully formed yet, the flow of thoughts and images in full swing to tinnitus and pain in the head, the colors overlap, sounds cause visual images and vice versa. I'm in the flow, it is like a wave carries the surfer. only need to focus so the the board would not slip from under my feet.

10 March, 2015

Give me 3! - shooting portraits in the underground

This is one of shootings when I plan to shoot one idea - and in the end something very different comes out.