24 April, 2015

Young lioness - nothing more but natural beauty

Grain Pixels photography

And again I wanna show you something and someone special ;) under the cut

Purple dreams - dreamy photographs of upcoming spring

Grain Pixels photography

This will be a little #tbt post, i totally had no time to post these pictures here before.
More under the cut ;)

14 April, 2015

Diving in a deep - depth of color in photography

Grain Pixels Photography

Blue hair, magenta flowers, turquoise-blue plants. THIS is a recipe for juicy pictures.

Also add: plump lips, thin nose, big blue eyes. Plus don't forget about nose piercing and transdermal implant in the neck. But the most important ingredient is the funny temper of the model, talented work of make up artist and for a better taste you can add a pinch of photoshop manipulations and voila!
Grain Pixels Photography

Our cooks:
mua: Kate Kaverzina
md: Ada (who is, btw, piercing and all this stuff expert in Kiev)

No backstage pics this time, sorry, the process of the shoot was reeeally extreme and we simply had no opportunity to make some. Well, next time;)