20 May, 2015

When you're shooting in the mood of dark

In April'15 my dear friend and mehandi artist Lora was decorating my hand with henna, we were chatting and came up with the thought that we should make a shooting together. As we didn't have an exact idea of what and how it will be, we spent a week on choosing the right look that corresponds to our feelings.
This April Kiev was rainy, cold, grey and dark, I have to admit, so our emotions were something like...depressive a bit :)
I found the right place, Kate Kaverzina made the right make-up and Lora selflessly did everything I asked for. So, check it out!

After the shooting I looked through raw material and realized that it's too dark for me, I mean mood. So I picked few parts of the shooting that don't have a mood of depression, only mystery, that's why the result is not very consistent.
But it doesn't make Lora less gorgeous ;)