09 July, 2015

My boho summer moved on

It's been already a month after I took these pictures. Lots of thing changed in me since than. But wait, first.

I have nothing left of this amazing boho mood I had in the beginning of June, but when I look back on this series I feel warm, I feel younger and free.
Enjoy our work with Marina and soft sun beams ;)

As usually the set is not consistent, probably because I retouched it in different moods. So, the next part is

Golden, purple and greens are connected within the whole collection giving you the atmosphere of soft summer evening.

And of course it wouldn't be right to end up without black and white, would it?

Well, I guess this is pretty much it. In the next post I'll tell you the other story of a totally interesting project which actually was on my way to posting these boho styled session images :) So, stay tuned!

Our small team:

Photo/Retouch - Nina Sinitskaya
MUA/Model - Marina Paliy
Assistant/MUA - Kate Kaverzina