16 August, 2015

Before and After Photoshop retouching steps - sharing my experience and inspiration!

Step by step Photoshop retouch with actions and comments
I've decided to make it as a separate post and grab your attention for a little bit. (More under the cut)
Recently I've began to share my retouching steps with you on the example of my own photographs you appreciated the most.

I have to say that usually it's more than just a 3 steps, I've grouped all the actions so it would be more comfortable to describe what I do. As a rule I spend s-4 hours retouching one picture like this one.

The separate branch with more before/after retouching pics is created, look right on the side bar of the blog or simply follow the ling to the Before and After album ;)

To zoom in for a comfortable read just click on the picture you like. If you have any questions - please leave them in to comments to the post/picture. Critics is also accepted ;)

So, I hope it was useful for you, guys. If there are any other pictures of mine you want to know how they were retouched - just drop me a note in comments and I'll prepare it for you!
--Nina Sinitskaya a.k.a. Grain Pixels