17 August, 2015

Merger - {Seeds}

Young girl with red hair, freckles and pale skin lays down on the green grass and sleep

Human life is pretty much finite and rather fleeting, while the nature continues to live, absorbing us and nurturing as seeds, again and again. (Read more under the cut)

It seems to me that people unconsciously realize this advantage of nature and therefore behave selfish and ridiculous: we pollute, poison, destroy, as if we paid off to the nature for our inconsistency, as the weaker child arranges mischiefs to a stronger. But nature has such enormous powers to heal and live, so much patience and tolerance that all the tricks of a "disobedient children of biosphere" somehow are forgiven to them. And people continue to play this stupid envious game, wishing really to find care and comfort in the arms of nature.

photographer Nina Sinitskaya
muah Kaverzina Katya Make Up Artist
model Dasha Zolotaryova

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