01 August, 2015

Merger - {Serenity}

Girl with red hair in red dress near the green tree

Hello, folks! I guess now is the best time to announce my new project - "MERGER".
I'm gonna tell you a story of a true unity, harmony and peace. Dive into my world of the pure energy, where nature merges with humans creating the perfect symbiosis of sacred life, where there is no place for death or fear, only for transformation. Serenity. Wholeness. Infinity.

This is the first image of the full set. Next week I'm leaving to Carpathian mountains to recharge the batteries of my soul, so when I'm back - I'll continue my story with more inspiration, will tell you more about my world. I'm planning to make a description of the project in my blog and will let you know when it's ready. As for now - accept this my small gift to you, hope it brings you relaxation and confidence that everything will be fine in the future. Смайлик «heart»
photographer Nina Sinitskaya
muah Kaverzina Katya Make Up Artist
model Dasha Zolotaryova

backstage images, as usually ;)
Black and white atmospheric and dreamy backstage pictures