10 August, 2015

Merger - {Silent}

Young girl with red hair and freckles sitting in the green grass

So I go on posting the images from my Merger project. Read more under the cut.

And once you listen, you'll hear. Silence is filled with the millions of sounds - wind, wings flapping, trees creaking, bees buzzing, rustling of grass, gurgling of rivers, strikes of raindrops on the leaves. Silence, consisting of sounds. The sounds that create silence. This silence is felt with skin and penetrates through the pores, fills all your voids inside. You are no longer an empty vessel, once you listen.

photographer Nina Sinitskaya
muah Kaverzina Katya Make Up Artist
model Dasha Zolotaryova - See more at: http://grainpixelsphotography.blogspot.com/2015/08/merger-serenity.html#more