14 August, 2015

Merger - {Inspiration}

Girl in the long dress sitting on the big twisted tree in the forest

Nature has no organs of speech, but it creates tongues and hearts, through which speaks and feels (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). (More under the cut)

Countless number of art masterpieces are inspired by nature, have you ever thought why? Usually people are so self-centered, but those who chose to be closer, to stay attentive, listen carefully and take time to stay alone with nature become Its transmitters. They recieve that huge flow of creative energy from the nature and transform it with string of their souls and strength of their minds into something greater than themselves: into Vivaldi's music, Aivazovsky's paintings, Lermontov's poems (the list can be endless). Do you realize what a masterpiece YOU are?

photographer Nina Sinitskaya

model Dasha Zolotaryova