19 November, 2015

Urban Stories - {The Cell}

Sooner or later you just stop noticing what's around. (more under the cut)

Every day you make the same round: waking up, running to work, pretending you're working, coming back home and back to bed. Yes, I might have missed few additional activities like short meetings with friends, drinking in pubs, doing yoga or whatever, watching soap operas before sleep - all those are very important. But still, one way or another - you're in your own cell.

I often have a feeling like I'm living in a bee hive. Dozens of floors, thousands of nameless people.

Just think - how many people you don't know and you will never get acquainted with are around you on a square meter? This city accommodates millions but still you're lonely.

TV, social media and your own mind help you live this illusion but still we are all separated with walls. I don't know the names of my neighbors  I don't know how they look like. Some of them change so often that I even stopped pretending that I notice them. 

All those cold concrete walls of the cells we build make our hearts - cold, our bodies - lazy, or worlds - small. All that fake protection we get from it doesn't replace the feeling of loneliness, though we're trying very hard not to notice it.

I'm not giving advices, I'm just saying.