10 November, 2015

Urban Stories - {Ruined}

So is the human nature: love, than destroy and than again love what they destroyed. (more under the cut)

Cities are full of ruins. Here and there you can see the front walls of old brick buildings - the only thing that is left from what used to be houses. Here and there the ruins of industrial buildings - with broken windows, grey and empty inside. Here and there - us.
People, citizens, who has come to the big cities with big hopes, with huge plans, with cherished dreams. Look at the mirror, do you remember yourself being like this?
What happened to you now? You've found your own cell in this city's embraces? Are you spending the 3rd part of your time in the traffic or underground? Do you pay huge money for a rent of a tiny apartment with mending (but at least it's near the underground station)? City Mall is the place you spend your weekends? 
Look at the mirror again. Do you remember your dreams? Do you like to stay ruined?