03 November, 2015

Urban Stories - {Secret life}

It's autumn outside and I'm inspired again for a new project. (see much more under the cut)

I thought I'll tell you about this project {Urban Stories} in general in separate post (like I did for Merger project) and here you'll read about its first part - {Secret Life}.

Personally for me living in a megalopolis is hard, especially in autumn-winter. Surrounded with grey and cold asphalt, crowds of people who are in rush all the time, thousands of cars and cacophony of sounds they make, outdoor advertising that hides the sky - we become senseless, robotic, tired. I don't know how you survive it, but I have a secret life in me which helps to keep me going.

It's tender and fragile, I treat it very carefully and protect from evil eyes or touch.

Instead it gives me peace and comfort in this grey urban jungles.
What I am talking about is very personal. I'm sure that each of you who lives in big cities has such inner secret life which helps you stay alive. It's very individual and can be anything. I wish each of you never loose it and return to it when you feel down or feel exhausted by city rush. Take good care of your {secret life} and remember - YOU ARE MORE THAN EVERYDAY ROUTINE, YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR PROBLEMS AND YOU CAN BE HAPPY ANY TIME. 

I'd like to thank the whole team who helped me to picture this story. You have no idea how cold was the shooting day :)
model - Anastasya Ovsyanko
mua - Kate Kaverzina