26 December, 2015

Koh Phangan handsome - Tom

Big heart, easy temper and a beautiful face - meet Tom (more under the cut).

Tom is a Thai guy with a beautiful long dreads that he has been growing for the last 15 years. He and his wife run a small restaurant on Koh Phangan island and serve a very tasty thai food. That's how we actually met. 

On Saturday nights he plays guitar as a part of a Thai Tea band with his friends at his place Khrua Khan Tong bar, on Friday nights Tom plays drums on the stage of Rasta Home bar.

Tom is very friendly, seriously. If you have a chance to meet him - definitely do that. Last time I saw him - he was teaching me how to play drums in Sabai bar after he was playing there with band all night. And when I was a shitty musician he only said "why not" :) You should see this guy's face when he's playing music - he is in the moment and looks totally happy and pleased by what he's doing. 

Thanks to him I met many other amazing local people (I'll tell you later about few of them). You know, I love to get acquainted and communicate with travelers and even tourists, but most of all I love to be in touch with locals. This is how you get to know the place you are at now, this is how you get a deeper look at the culture. 

So, if you wanna meet Tom - just come visit his place here on Koh Phangan, Thailand: