06 January, 2016

Koh Phangan handsome - Chanon

I hope you are ready for a another Thai handsome face, because this post is about Chanon. (more under the cut). 

Chanon is an owner of the small but very cozy and cool Sabai bar in Koh Phangan, Thailand. He also plays the bass guitar and sings in Thai Tea Band who are playing reggae music.

Do you remember how I mentioned that there's a big rasta family on this island in the previous post? Well, Chanon and Tom are brothers, last time I've also mentioned about good family genes ;) Usually Chanon pulls his hair into a ponytail, but when he doesn't - he looks like a lion, doesn't he?

He loves to play music (playing reggae for the last 7 years, and I think he's pretty good in it) and thinks that his music helps people feel happy, and if that's what you need - Chanon is here for you!

As for me - I would strongly recommend you visit Sabai Bar (here's a link), stay there for sunset, good drinks and some cool reggae, and of course - Chanon will meet you there and I promise you - you'll feel like home and even better.

P.S. If you think that I get payed for recommending such places - oh please! on Koh Phangan you have to be really awesome to be recommended. You got my point ;)
Love from Thailand!