02 January, 2016

Koh Phangan handsome - Winai

I didn't think I would continue this topic, but cute rasta guys simply seem to be all around Koh Phangan. (more under the cut)

[Yeah, guys, sorry for the quality again, damn blogger keeps making surprises. To see the image in a good quality simply click on it]

Yes, this is Winai. 32 years old beautiful and sexy Winai with wonderful hair which I can't stop admiring. Seriously, I don't know where does this passion for dreadlocks come from, I've never been very much into rasta culture or wore dreads by my own, but when I see something like this - I melt. 

During the shooting it turned out that Winai and Tom are relatives, good family genes I have to say :) Winai together with his brother ( I hope to have a chance to tell about him as well) is owning the cool place called Rasta Home. Yes, the title speaks for itself. But except of what you have already thought this place is full of life, music and friendliness.

As far as I get - Winai built Rasta Home by his own hands, when I arrived for a shooting there he was fixing the stage for musicians who play there live every Friday night.

Yeah at the beginning of our shooting he was kinda shy and didn't know what to do, but after we agreed that he is a model and can behave like a model - just look at him ;)

I love people with charisma and Winai is exactly this kind of a person. That's how he met me that day. If you are a girl - you understand me now.

Exhale, girls, this little beauty is not his, but his brother Rachan's. Hopefully I will have more time to spend with both of them, together they make a great picture. For now I got only this:

Oh well. If you are on Koh Phangan - definitely find some time to visit Rasta Home and meet Winai there. He is a great host who makes your evening cozy, filled with best reggy music and sincere smiles. For the directions click on the image below.

P.S. Winai, if you're reading this - hope you like it. And sorry for my girlish point of view ;)