08 February, 2016

Urban Stories - {Warm}

young woman with bright make up in purple colors
How do you think what is the hardest during the winter?
To stay warm, I guess. When everything around you is frozen below zero, streets are grey, concrete buildings are blown though with winds, people are dead from inside and it becomes too cold to breathe and smile. Yes, the hardest thing is to stay warm.

young woman covered in warm purple blanket
You can put on the warmest clothes you have, you can stay inside the buildings with heating all the time, you can pretend that you are warm but it doesn't make you feel so.

young woman with bright make up covered in warm blanket
What saves you from freezing is the other person who is still warm at least a little bit. What saves you is sharing this warmth. What saves you is getting rid of fear of being rejected.

The second you let someone else's warmth in, the second you decide to become less firm and more transparent - you don't feel cold anymore. Opening up is risky but what else can you do before turning into cold stone in these concrete jungles.