11 March, 2016

Sense of Touch

Sense of Touch - is a series that shows tactile expressions, makes you actually feel the image. At least that was my intention and I hope it worked out like that.

Personally I am very tactile person, I get to know the world through the touch, I get to know pleasures through it too. So the images you see now are pretty personal also.

Textures of skin, textures of the powder on the skin, volume created by light and shadows - that all is supposed to build an effect of the presence, like you are there and all you need to do is to lend your hand and make a touch.

I'd like to thank to a team which is:

Model - Anastasia Ovsianko
Mua & body texturing - Dara Dukhnovskaya

Thank you, girls, you made it just the way I wanted to.