07 April, 2016

Fill yourself with Spring or Little Prince in action

A little bit of flower breathe, 'cause Spring is coming ;)
I already wrote somewhere on my Facebook page about this my unquenchable thirst for beauty. I have to tell that this time it was quenched completely (for some time, of course :) ) 

I guess it will become one of my favorite shootings, because during this one I finally !FINALLY! understood and than felt one important thing: photography is not about the result, it is about process.

Usually I was so worried about..everything: if I'm making the right light, if I'm posing model right, if my camera is set properly, etc. But all the time I felt that everything was going wrong, and I was wrong choosing this profession; the process was making me tired and exhausted, all I was thinking was - finally get home and better hide behind the screen while editing the images. Yeah, that's me - self doubted troubled introvert (as it turned out then).
And this time I finally let it go <3

I think I'll talk on this topic more in the next blog post. For now just wanna say that this shooting was so much fun, I got the best people in my crew and  promise you cool #backstage video soon!