25 April, 2016

Getting my Spring back

I've got a chance to catch few blooming days here together with Lada and Dasha, who reminded me of something important. (more under the cut)

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I am 27 years old, but it often happens that I work with models much younger than me - around 20-23 years old. At the beginning it was very weird.

Me and them are like two different species. I don't understand half the words they say because they are using this up to date slang. They tell such stories that if I was their parent I would be totally shocked.

They laugh loudly trying to get attention, they spend their nights not sleeping and hanging out somewhere, eating junk food and are not worried about having dark circles under their eyes.

They are so unexperienced in most things yet but very much experienced in few. They drink, they smoke and value having fun more than being safe. People of this 20-23 age remind me of Spring - when hormones rule your life, everything around you is beautiful, life is amazing and the future is undefined and that's why wondefully interesting.

And you know what? I got my Spring back and it. feels. awesome! Not sure for how long I will manage to feel like this but I am happy to be back at youth at least for some time. Nostalgia, you know ;)

P.S. I seriously need to sleep now