18 April, 2016

Urban Stories - {Exposing Double}

"So how can I trust you.
Love me if you must be fooled". New series under the cut.
Lately I was told that I'm putting too much of myself into all these stories. Come on guys, sure I do, what I make is like my own stories with illustrations :) But ok, I have to admit that this is tiring, especially when you give too much of yourself and your audience doesn't give a shit (because it's audience and it doesn't have to give a shit, you know). So I thought what if I create second me, the one you could watch on line.

This girl would absorb all my doubts and fears, all my second and first thoughts that I'm afraid to say on public, all my sins and imaginary virtues. It wouldn't be better version of me, it would be a different one, who is allowed to do everything, even lie to audience if needed. Uuuum, I love it!

I already hear psychiatrists crying to have me as their client but bitch, please! (it's already my second Nina talking, ooops). I don't know anyone on social media who wouldn't have a double face, the better version of themselves. People who know me in person noticed that I'm slightly different from who I show on the net and you know what? The difference will become even worse :)

Because I finally faced the point - this world is full of crap in some way and this is harmful to be sincere with everyone. So I guess I will make it simple: sincereness only for chosen and nearest, everything else - for everyone else; and no one will leave not decieved. But you wouldn't know it because you don't read this blog anyway muahaha!

So, "love me if you must be fooled", hate me if you don't like it because you will be fooled for sure now anyways. But let's call it a "methaphor" in my art, sounds better to me, ha?