26 April, 2016

Urban Stories - {Undercover Storage} - part 2

I began the first part with words that some things in your life can be put aside but they don't really disappear, they all stay in your undercover storage. Let's continue the talking. (More under the cut) 

While we were shooting at this perfectly covered with books location I was thinking about that each of them is a separate story that used to be interesting to someone long ago. Most of those books were old and read by owners many times, some of those books were new and probably never even opened. Some - laying on the surface, some - hidden deep into the book shelf.

Oh, I totally forgot to warn you, guys, that this blog post is super metaphorical :) again I wanna bring up the topic about the hidden desires and hidden emotions, about people whom you don't notice but they are still in your life. And when some topic suddenly becomes relevant - you find all of it on the shelves of your mind (or subconscious, as uncle Freud would say).

Standing among all those books with my model I felt myself as the same book shelf, stuffed with books, overfilled with emotions. I seriously like to visit places like this, they remind me that I am alive and that my life is already filled with everything I need now and will need in the future. That's a nice feeling and I wish you to experience it once in a while too.