01 May, 2016

Self Infinity

Finally got a chance to shoot wonderful blue haired Ada again. Our previous shoot is THIS ONE. So see how it was under the cut.

Last month I've been working a lot - 5 creative shoots (not counting lots of personal photo sessions which I never post on my blog), this is more than usually for me. I love making these art shoots (planning to write a blog post about managing one soon), this is my chance to create my own alternative reality and show it to others.

So here comes another my confession. Being able to take pictures, to manage the process, to work with talented crews and individuals, to observe inner and outer beauty of other person, to transfer what I saw through my own vision - is a blessing for me. 
This is one of my biggest pleasures in life, this is my way of facing the World and introducing myself to It, this is my self expression and my calling. I can't imagine myself not shooting and I don't know how I lived before photography found me.

I am always lonely. 

Don't get me wrong, I am surrounded by people but I am lonely in what I do. The process of shooting involves more people than only me obviously and always fun but even when I work with the most professional and talented crew I can't explain my idea (the final picture that I have in my head) entirely, there is always something that has no words to be explained - so I'm lonely in my idea. 
After the shooting I spend lots of time retouching the raw files and surely I'm lonely here too because no one will spend time with me while I'm editing - and this is normal of course :) I am so obsessed with what I do that sometimes I prefer working on images than spending time with my friends and loved ones.

This is not a problem and I am not complaining, this is just what it takes me to do what I love to do most. So, what you see here is the offspring of my creativity, professional skills and..loneliness. 

One way or another we are all confronted with the infinity where it is less expected - in our own loneliness.