12 May, 2016

Untitled and Unfinished.

I'm having hard time here to think of the title, so I leave it just like that.
Probably one of the easiest shootings and hardest post production days. I don't remember what I was thinking about when was shooting Alex (actress and teacher of acting) and now it's very hard to pull myself together.

You see, the point is that this is my last creative shooting here in Ukraine and in Kiev and I can't stop thinking about it. There were few more in my plans but I don't have enough time to make them anymore. So when I started to edit this one - I just couldn't make myself go on.

It's not that I was making some massive retouching or didn't like the outcome. I just didn't want to finish it because it would mean that I am free to go and nothing undone is holding me here. 

It took me more than usual to finish editing and I'd like to thank my model for patience. But still the overall look of the images is kinda unfinished to me, maybe because my love to this city and to people I know here is not over. I will miss you.