11 June, 2016

Do What Makes Your Soul Shine

Do what makes your soul shine - this is a small message to future me so I would never forget. See why - under the cut.

So I am finally here, in Warsaw. It took me almost 20 days to get used to it and to understand something very important and simple at the same time. I. Need. To. Shoot.

After I moved I found myself in a very beautiful place - living near the forest now and a small botanical garden. I love nature, you know that, I am huge nature lover and I would spend all my free time taking photographs of it. But without a human person the picture is not full to me - now I know it for sure. 
It took me 20 days to fully realize that my life is empty without doing what I love - shooting portraits of people the way that I see them.

When moving to Warsaw I thought it would be hard to build new connections and begin  to shoot again, but it turned out much easier than I thought. Beautiful people are everywhere and all you need to do is ask them if they want to be photographed :)

To tell the truth I was also scared about beginning all over again with people I don't know in the place I don't belong to, but now I see new ways how I can combine business opportunities and photography and it makes my heart bounce. Once again I am convinced that everything happens for a reason.

Once again I am convinced that to be happy you need to do what makes your soul shine, and when your soul shines - your life is full of everything and all the things go right or just the way they should go. Be not afraid of changes like I was ;)

I'd like to thank to beautiful model @anyahodas and makeup artist @elrzbietta for a good start and great work during this #boho session, and most of all - for being a talented people.