20 July, 2016

Faking in the name of art

Yeah, I just made up this word gingerfake - which means fake gingerbread. Because I faked it :)

This cute girl on the picture is not red haired. Ok, so here's the story why I did that to her.
Often (even most of the time) after I finish shooting my model on the creative shooting I simply forget about this person and think only about the image. 

Don't get me wrong - usually all my models are amazing people, beautiful, intelligent and talented women. During the shoot they show themselves and their characters to me and my camera, but after I got them on image - they become depersonalized for me. 

When it comes to editing the images I just sit and look at them first - I look at the forms and colors of what I shot and simply decide what I need to add or cut, I perceive the person in frame as a part of the full image. If I see that the hair color of the girl needs to be red on this image than I'll make it red - because in general it will look better and will create the mood I need.

I don't know if I am right or wrong towards my models when changing their hair or eyes color. I make it on purpose and I hope that my purpose is reached and you enjoy what you see in the end.
Love <3