21 July, 2016

{Water Stories} - Give me something

What you say tells me nothing.
What's the truth, give me something.
Take me down a road I believe in.
Lost a way, lost all reason.

Dedicated to my crisis in creativity :) I'll tell you a little secret - since I moved to another country I feel so very much abandoned in terms of creativity. There's this feeling like I am lost on my way, like I'm wondering around in the mist with no way out. Back home I had my team of creative friends with me, we shared ideas, we made so much amazing shoots together but here I'm all alone. Well, I have my doubts, idleness and laziness with me, and a hard times to get my ass up to create something beautiful. 

But little by little I will overcome this shit, I guess. What you see is my attempt to begin a new project - {Water Stories} - long lasting and genuine.

Please enjoy the first story as usually combined with beautiful lyrics and music.

Give me something.
Search the past for redemption.
Broken glass, no reflection
Take me to the place I believe in
Lost my way, lost all reason.

Through the ruins, trying to save it
For I fall out, show me somehow I can make it
All that we gave, was it wasted?
Falling down broke, only one hope
That you make it.

Give me something.
Give me something.
Give me something. 
To hold onto.
I've got nothing since I lost you.

(c) Seafret - Give me something.
model - Nastya Chumak