31 August, 2016

{Water Stories} - Delicate magic

Come with me and you'll be in the world of pure imagination.

As a child, when I was 5-6 years old, I could sit for a long time in front of the mirror and stare at my own reflection. The thing is that I was trying to imagine how I would look like when I'm, let's say, 20 years old, how would my appearance change, would I recognize myself.

Most of all I was hypnotized by my own eyes, they envisioned me as two tunnels that lead to the other side of myself (I don't know how to explain).

This feeling was so magical and mysterious to me, like I know some kind of secret about myself that no one else knows. Because of this little magic everything around me seemed magical too.

With time my appearance, of course, has changed. But my eyes have remained two mysterious tunnels that connect five-year-old-me with right-now-me. Now I know exactly how this magic works and I wonder where these eyes will lead me after another 20 years.

The crew working on this set: 
assistant - Lora Rillie