05 September, 2016

Colorlove - part 1

This is to my love of color:
So here is the thing - I loooove color (I think you've already noticed). Even when I'm trying to make an image with moderate tone saturation - anyway I come back to making colors vibrant, juicy, eye-catching, clean. 

All variations of complimentary or contrasty color combinations are my favourite, because I like to make the image pop out, burst with mood, speak from itself. I hope you enjoy my colorful art too 

But as always I'd like to talk not about my images, but about myself, sorry :) This short story is divided into two parts for a reason (the second part soon on air) - the thing is that it's totally reflects me as the way I am. To understand you need to see both parts though.

A huge thanks to Julia The Model, who shared her beauty with us and has let me get closer than the others. Julia, if you're reading this - you need to know how beautiful you are despite all the doubts and second thoughts you might have in your fantastically colorful head. Please, shine on!