30 November, 2016

Christmas Mood in November

Today I'm gonna tell you how to shoot Christmas during dark November nights :)

Oh I know it's too early and that it's more than a month before this holiday but I wanted this feeling of warmth and little miracles happening, and the smell of mandarins and oranges in the air and the lights! Maybe you'll feel it all too now :)

So, Nataly and I went for a mood hunting. All we needed was to find some beautiful lights, especially concidering that I was going to shoot with a kinda natural light - no flash, only a small reflector that I own.

Oh well, it turned out to be not that easy, because in November Warsaw is not much decorated outside, so it took us around 2,5 hours to find ONE well litted window :D and than we rocked!

My point is - don't let circumstances influence your mood or actions, you want it beautiful - you'll get it beautiful ;) Cheers!