28 November, 2016

Mirror illusions

It's been almost 20-25 years that I've been working on self-identity questions which still remain without a certain answer.

Since I was a kid I was looking in the mirror at myself for hours wondering if this is the real way that I look and what is the actual picture of me that other people see from outside my head.

Our eyes, our brain is lying - that's what I understood with experience of making photographs. Our perception is playing games with us and all we can see around - is just an illusion. 

Not in that sad and deeply philosophical meaning :) What I'm trying to say is that imho no one actually ever knows the exact appearance of each other or even self. There are so many different points of view (even literally), so many circumstances and variables that influence the way we percept the surrounding and people in it that there simply can't be any subjective picture of anything, right? Whoa :) 

This kind of impermanance scares me and helps me not to die of boredom at the same time. Instability like this one gives me a push to go deeper in discovering world and people in it because at the end all I'm doing during this life is learning (hopefully).

And the main thing here, which is actually blowing my mind when I think of it, is that every little second WE ARE to decide weather every little thing around us is beautiful/interesting/inspiring or not. Just think of it, it's all about you and your choice. (the beauty in the eyes of beholder and all this stuff ;) 

Spread love and be beautiful.

P.S. Thanks to handsome  Jacek  for being handsome and so alive.