07 November, 2016

Share, Dream, Love!

This shooting is a very special one to me, and here's why.

Some people live to inspire and I think it could be one of the missions really worth living for. Meeting such people brings up the best  things in you. 
I've been following Alisa Belochkina on IG for few years and finally we got to meet. Nothing tramendous happened, but being around people with such a warm heart and talent to inspire others makes me love my life even more, and what could be better?

I think the ability to share emotional stuff and make people feel better at the same time - is a little gift that could fairly make you a role model like it happenned to Alisa. 

Personally I always feel sympathy to those who can dream and make efforts to make these dreams come true. I reach out to such people, because the way of their lives prove me again and again that everything I want in life - is possible. I guess Alisa is one of those people, who has built herself up from a regular girl to a bohemian diva of the world, just imagine.

One of the most important feeling and energies is love. When you are moved by love, when your deeds are caused by it - beautiful things happen! 

I hope you didn't get me wrong, this blog post is not an ode to a certain person, but on example of this amazing young girl I just want to tell you few importrant things:
SHARE your warm heart to people, DREAM big and go for it, spread LOVE!
I think it's a small formula of how to feel own life as a meaningful one.

Love you, guys. 
 - Nina.