02 November, 2016

When I'm With You

Be yourself, learn how to be alone - and this is it. (more under the cut)

I guess you've noticed how rare any of us appears to be alone in silence - without music or reading a book or serfing the net, etc. Alone - one-on-one with ourselves. It is boring, but most of all - it is scary. People are constantly seeking the company of other people (real or virtual), escaping loneliness and the great chance at the same time.

This chance - is getting to know ourselves, spending some time on building meaningful thoughts to be able to do some meaningful deeds afterwards.

It's a great chance to realize that YOU are your best friend, which gives you an unlimited independance from opinions and actions of others.

This is a great chance to understand and accept that no one will love you more than you love yourself.

And remember: the person who can be alone will never suffer from loneliness. 
I hug each of you in hope that you will understand what I'm talking about and it will help to become a little more happier at least for some of you, guys.