28 December, 2016


Want to get some cosmic super powers? Then find a right person for that ;)

Yes, for the most people that I know this #2016 year was hard in so many ways, and I am not an exception. But just as I was saying in the previous post - you need to find a light. If you don't have it - find someone who has it and willing to share, and than share it yourself when you're back on track again.
This is exactly what I am doing with this amazing person - Kate, and with these pictures.

Every time I'm with her - I learn from her on how: be kind to others, be creative, be restlessly happy, search for new ways. She is always behind the scenes but when she appears to people - she shines with good vibes and beauty.

What I also learnt from her is that if you are full of miracles, energy and strong intention to be happy and alive - you don't have to exibit it, everyone else will feel or see it anyway. I am so happy that I met her, I love her so much - this cosmic girl in Kate. And now - in me.

Spread love!
And see you in #2017 :)