15 December, 2016

The ability to emit light

Once I read about the creatures that can glow. 
The ones that can glow physically in terms of the bioluminescene phenomenon. But they are not the ones that I want to talk about, it's biology and I want to talk about something more.

Sometimes I meet people who can emit light. When you are around them long enough, you begin to notice that sparkle, which they awake with their talents, kindness and curiosity for life. 

Being around such people makes you glow in the dark too. I don't meet them often, but I know few, and I think I am a very lucky person because if some day I will lose the ability to emit light they will teach me how to glow again. Find these creatures, learn from them and pass the light forward.

Model - Margarita Geller
Make up Artist - Olga Malahit
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