13 April, 2017


There were too many pictures out of this session, so I've decided

08 April, 2017

Things you can't see

This time I want to talk about the emotional connection. This kind of connection between the photographer and a model is probably the most needed and most absent thing in current portrait photography. It's a core, that awakens more subtle, though even yet unnamed feelings in the viewer. 

It makes you alive, it makes you grow. I guess :)

19 March, 2017

Under the Skin

There are some things which you can not change.

07 March, 2017


If you want this to matter - surrender.

03 March, 2017


To my huge love to forests...

26 February, 2017

On the Planet of Eternal Sunrise

On the planet of eternal sunrise, where another world is on the making..

22 February, 2017

Face Poetry

When you're really looking at someone, you begin to notice.

17 February, 2017


I hate having this dilemma, it's killing me sometimes.

14 February, 2017

The Source

The World is big and you're small.

08 January, 2017


I am one year older now. I't not delightful and not sad at the same time, it is different and it made me make a certain decision: