03 March, 2017


To my huge love to forests...
I read this once and knew exactly what I'm going to tell with this sory (here comes the ugly translation of a Shestakov's poem from Russian to English by me, sorry):

She says: forest - and it turns into a forest
With grass knee-deep, with trees to the sky,
And she comes into the glow of green crowns,
And forest surrounds her with four sides.

Она произносит: лес, – и он превращается в лес
с травой по колено, с деревьями до небес,
и входит она в свеченье зелёных крон,
и лес обступает её с четырёх сторон.
(the original poem)

Model - Diana Kroitor,
Location - rainforest on Koh Phangan island.