08 April, 2017

Things you can't see

This time I want to talk about the emotional connection. This kind of connection between the photographer and a model is probably the most needed and most absent thing in current portrait photography. It's a core, that awakens more subtle, though even yet unnamed feelings in the viewer. 

It makes you alive, it makes you grow. I guess :)

This time, I think, we had a 100% connection between three of us - girls were involved in the process not only like a models, but like people first of all. They didn't do anything that would make them feel uncomfortable in fromt of my camera, and even if they did - they wouldn't try to hide it. They were involved in direction, they were involved in chasing light, etc. And I was involved into observing them both.

Probably all these little things helped them to stay relaxed and real in front of my lense and tell our little story about the whispers, closerness and something that you can't see with eyes.

Treating a model like an inanimate object makes the picture look like a still life. Treating a human like a human makes the image be alive with emotions and a heart full of impressions. Something that I am determined to hardly practice till the day I die.

My amazing models:
Liuba @holy_ban
Margo @gellermargarita