{Hunger of the Pine} - fine art photography project by Nina Sinitskaya

If you want to skip reading and see pics straight away, than all you have to know is that:
this small project is based on combination of picturesque botanical garden area, beautiful song lyrics and artistic model I was happy to collaborate with. Keep reading for more ;)


With means of my photography I like to create some kind of parallel realities, where twisted meanings intertwine with visuals and emotions that you get from watching and all together transfer into a new experience for a viewer. Sometimes I do it all in purpose, but sometimes the image creates itself with my eyes and hands during the process.
This time I didn't have some specially prepared idea for a project, I just had this song in my head like forever and than suddenly I saw those magnificent pines in the park and bang! I had to shoot there. The fact that the words from lyrics tend to have more than one meaning even makes the visuals have more meanings too, which I like so much!


photography / retouch - Nina Sinitskaya
mua Lisa Tantsiura
model Adelina Borets 

Below you'll see the gallery of all images from {Hunger of the Pine Project}.  Each image icon is a link to the original post. I hope that I managed to show you the idea and feel what I was talking about above. Please listen to the song while watching: Alt-j "Hunger of the Pine".
Again your comments/thoughts/impressions are highly appreciated so I hope you'll find some time to share them with me. 

"Sleeplessly embracing
Butterflies and needles
Line my seamed-up join
Encased in case I need it
In my stomach, for my heart
Chain mail."

"Sleeplessly embracing
Yawns yearns into me
Plenty more tears in the sea
And so you finally use it
Bedding with me you see at night
Your heart wears knight armor" 

"(I'm a female rebel)

"Realization grew on me 
As quickly as it takes your hand
To warm the cool side of the pillow
I'm there for you, be there for me
I'll hum the song the soldiers sing
As they march outside our window."


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