"Every you is a Universe. Not only one but multiple. So don't be afraid to see them inside yourself, don't be scared to feel and live them. And be brave to let them out and show them to the World."

This is the main statement of this project. Where did it all come from? Why {Insideout}? 
For some reason I feel a sharp and genuine need to SHARE lately. All my creativeness, that I have, persistently needs to go beyond myself and be let out. From the inside - to outside. 

Moreover, with this project I'm trying to show that each person consists of / includes the thousands of moods, characters, emotions and multiple feelings at a time, it's all hidden inside of each of us. Maybe, if we would be more attentive to each other - we would see. I'll try to open my soul layer by layer, sharing with you <3 

Below you'll see the gallery of all images from {Insideout Project}.  Each image icon is a link to the original post. I will be adding new images here as soon as they appear on the blog.

When creating this collection I used double exposure technique. I also have a small tutorial on double exposure effect creating in Photoshop here.

Hope you'll enjoy! Stay tuned ;)


{Insideout 1} Down in the clouds

{Insideout 2} Big city life, love it or hate it

{Insideout 3} Forest - is a parallel Universe

{Insideout 4} Wind under the skin

{Insideout 5} Awakening of my Inner Light

{Insideout 6} Naked Nature

{Insideout 7} Wanderlust

{Insideout 8} Polluted soul

{Insideout 9} Like the birds in my chest

{Insideout 10} Top of the World

{Insideout 11. Life in infinitive}
{Insideout Project 12. We are the stardust}